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You are established in Europe and your business deals with countries other than your own. You are involved in distance selling, delivery of goods, delivery and installation, you are a service provider…..The requirements that need to be followed are numerous:

  • VAT registration,
  • VAT declarations,
  • VAT collection,
  • VAT recovery,
  • VAT self-liquidation customs declarations for the goods or services you sell

Fiscanord takes care of all the tax and customs procedures and possible social procedures related to your business. Contact us to ensure correct taxation, to file the necessary forms and to benefit from regularly updated tax information 

RGE Certification
On the majority of thermic renovation work in France, the 5,5 % VAT rate can be used. Thi ...
New french VAT rates for 2014
New french VAT rates have appeared at the 1/01/2014 : 1. the 7% rate moves to 10% 2. ...

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